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Pneumatic plugs for gas industry, Housing and Public Utilities


These casings are designed to cut and seal the pipes for various purposes with limited space inlet section. They are made of rubber or rubber-cord material. Rubber used in the surface layer of the shell - gastight.

Elastic shell of LLC "NPP" Sibrezinotehnika "can be used to completely seal the overlap and pipeline rehabilitation projects, crimp in testing and inspection of pipelines for the maximum pressure and the presence of defects (holes, tears, etc.). Shells are made of three kinds of GRP-1, GRP-2, GRP-3. In agreement with the consumer can manufacture other sizes.

Оболочки эластичные


Technical parameters of the shells

The product name ПЗГ-1 ПЗГ-2 ПЗГ-3
Overlapped pipe diameter in mm 50-85 80-140 130-210
The minimum diameter of the inlet
(when evacuating the shell), mm
30 45 70
Working pressure, MPa 0,35 0,3 0,25
Test pressure, MPa 0,5 0,45 0,35
Pressure medium retained in the sheath pipe of the maximum diameter, MPa 0,2 0,15 0,12
Max. sheath diameter, mm 48 75 125
shell length, mm 300 400 540
Mass, kg 0,25 0,4 0,7

The shape and flexibility of membranes helps to perform the installation through a small hole in the side tube. From one end of the tip of the conical shell is installed or spherical in shape, with another - quick connection to supply air pressure. Tip of material and quick coupling eliminates the spark that allows the use of a skin in the pipes of flammable liquids or gases.

One of the variants provides (at customer's request) installation inside the shell plastic tube, which is a flexible member and makes it easier installation and removal of shell through the side opening.


Installation options of membrane

Installing through pre-formed side hole

установка оболочки


Installing through side arm

установка оболочки

Installation through the transition

установка оболочки


When installing through drainage pipe at an angle of 90 º a guide device is used which determines the direction of the pipe shell in position

установка оболочки

Installation of two shells connected by an adapter in a high-pressure pipeline 

установка оболочки

When installed with the open end of pipe, membranes are installed in a standard way and connected to the pressure source.