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Rubber-cord branch pipe for high pressure serves to provide compensation of displacement of pipelines being connected, and to decrease the level of vibration and noise of pipelines, and pump stations.

The branch pipe is supplied with built-in, securely fixed metal connection pipes which are intended to weld them onto a pipeline (Fig. 1).



Fig. 1. A Rubber-cord branch pipe with the built-in connection pipe (inscriptions in the figure: «Штуцер» — connection pipe; «Резинокордная стенка» — rubber-cord wall)

The durability of coupling of connection pipes with the branch pipe exceeds durability of the branch pipe itself (at tests for the safety factor, the branch pipe’s destruction in its cylindrical part takes place).

Long term operation of branch pipes on pump plants has shown their reliability, convenience in work, durability.

Branch pipes have a twofold reserve for the safety factor as to the failure pressure.
If the service regulations are observed, the branch pipes’ operation life of 5 years is guaranteed.
We manufacture versions of branch pipes, designed for operation in cold and in hot water, and also for mineral oil.
At customer’s request, instead of connection pipes, any metal flanges can be built in.



Passage diameter – 200 mm
Length – 1000 mm
Working pressure – 36 atm
Failure pressure – not less than 72 atm
Water temperature – 0 to 90° С (up to 100° С and more, on special demand)
The displacement of pipelines compensated by a branch pipe:

  • – Radial – up to 10 mm
  • – Axial – up to 30 mm