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Information on mechanical rubber products for metallurgical works produced by the LLC Scientific Production Enterprise “SIBREZINOTEKHNIKA” (OOO “NPP SIBREZINOTEKHNIKA”)


To the director of an enterprise

During a number of recent years our enterprise is engaged in development and manufacture of non-standard mechanical rubber products of the high complexity, which mainly replace import analogs, for metallurgical works of Russia.

Your attention is invited to the following mechanical rubber products made by our enterprise:


1. Rubber-cord compensatory inserts for installation in pipelines with passage diameters from 40 mm up to 300 mm, installed in cooling systems of tilting mechanisms of continuous billet casting machines (CCM).


At present, for example, we have supplied more than 700 pieces rubber-cord compensatory inserts of various sizes to Nizhnetagilsky metallurgical industrial complex where they were highly commended.


2. Rubber-fabric cuffs of two sizes, of Rotomatic Dichtring type, for the pipeline of the walking hearth furnace and for the revolving dispenser (swivel) of the CCM machine.


3. Rubber-fabric and rubber diaphragms (two sizes) used in vacuum pumps, in a pneumatic actuator’s nitrogen cutoff valve and in the valve of a steam injector. The information on the operation activity of our products can be received, for example, at the OAO (i.e. Public Corporation) “Nizhnetagilsky metallurgical industrial complex”, from the complex’ engineer (chief mechanic of the complex) A.S. Veselov, or from the head of the engineering department A.L. Kosman, phone (3435) 490-901.


Prices for our mechanical rubber products are about 3–4 times lower than of similar import products; although, as to their quality, our products are highly competitive with the ones imported.


We will be happy to learn that our products became useful for your enterprise as well. We have possibility to develop and manufacture any necessary mechanical rubber products for you, according to your specifications or to the samples presented. We look for long-term and fruitful cooperation.

Yours sincerely, M.I. Tribelsky, Director LLC Scientific Production Enterprise “Sibrezinotekhnika” (OOO “NPP sibrezinotekhnika”)

ООО НПП "Сибрезинотехника"

1. In continuous billet casting machines (CCM), in cooling systems of tilting mechanisms, rubber-cord compensatory inserts are used, with passage diameters of: 40, 50, 65, 100, 125, 150, 200, 300 mm.

Inserts serve for compensation of working displacements of pipelines being connected, and also for decrease of vibration and noise level.

On Fig. 1 the overall and connecting sizes of inserts offered are shown.


Fig. 1. (inscription in the figure: «отв.» — opening)

Table 1

Dp, mm Sizes, mm No of openings
D D1 B d
40 150 110 130 18 4
50 165 125 130 18 4
65 185 145 130 18 4
100 220 180 125, 160 16 8
125 250 210 130 18 8
150 280 242 126, 220, 70 20 8
200 335 295 145, 260, 95 20 8
300 440 400 150, 220, 230 20 8, 12

In Fig. 2 fixing of the inserts with flanges and screw-bolts is shown. The flanges of inserts are made elastic enough so that to allow installation of inserts with flanges solid (not cut).

Крепление бортов вставки

Fig. 2 Fixing of an insert’s flanges.

1 – Rubber-cord insert; 2, 3 – flanges; 4 – a screw-bolt (inscription in the figure: «Dy» — Dp, i.e. “passing diameter”)


All inserts are reinforced by a high-strength caprone cord and have threefold safety factor on failure pressure. Rubber-cord inserts are produced according to the TU 2539-002-23770232-2003 specification. On request of a customer, we can manufacture required versions of compensatory inserts, both of various geometrical sizes, and of rubber properties.

    Inserts’ characteristics
  • Working pressure of water transferred – 10 atm
  • Working pumpdown – 0,5 atm
  • Failure pressure – not less than 30 atm
  • Water temperature – 0 to 90° C
  • Pipelines displacement compensated by inserts:
  • – Axial – up to 4 mm
  • – Radial – to 3 mm

Long-time application of inserts confirmed their reliability and durability. The warranty period of operation of inserts is 5 years. The prices for the inserts produced by our enterprise are minimal.

2. The cooling system of the unit for degassing of steel uses rubber-cord compensatory inserts with passing diameter of 300 mm. The characteristics and sizes of an insert Du 300 are given in Table 1.

3. In the pipeline of the walking hearth furnace on 800 tons, are established rubber-fabric cuffs of the "Rotomatic Dichtring" type, of the size of 160x140x12 rectangular.

    Service conditions:
  • Environment – machine oil, water
  • Operation temperature – up to 100º C
  • Pressure of the tightened environment – up to 12 atm

Long time operation of the cuffs has confirmed their high quality and durability.

4. On the revolving dispenser of continuous billet casting machines (the swivel of the steelpouring stand CCM, of diameter of 400 mm) cuffs of the size 270 to 248 to 16 of the type "Rotomatic Dichtring" rectangular section, are established.

    Service conditions:
  • Environment – oil machine, water
  • Operation temperature – to 100 With
  • Pressure of the condensed environment – to 250 атм
  • Rubbing speed – to 2 km/s

Long operation of cuffs on the CCM machines confirmed their high durability and quality.

5. A rubber-fabric diaphragm, shown in Fig. 3 , is installed in the vacuum pumps, in the valve of a steam injector (in the converter shop).

Резинотканевая диафрагма

Fig. 3. A rubber-fabric diaphragm. (inscriptions in the figure: «Резина» — Rubber, «Ткань» — Fabric)

The diaphragm’s operation confirmed its high durability.

6. Rubber diaphragm, shown in Fig. 4, is used in vacuum pumps, in a pneumatic actuator’s nitrogen cutoff valve.


Резиновая диафрагма

Fig. 4. A rubber diaphragm. (inscription in the figure: «отв.» — opening)

The diaphragm’s operation is highly commended.