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Unvulcanized rubber compounds (NEW!)


"NPP" Sibrezinotehnika "- produces rolled and calendered Unvulcanized rubber compounds, technical plates on the characteristics agreed with the customer. The company is equipped with modern equipments, has its own laboratory, qualified staff that caters to the needs of any consumer.

  Rubber compounds used as raw materials for making various sealing products are capable of withstanding exposure to water, industrial oils, fuels, chemicals weak solutions.

 изготовление резиновых смесей

Depending on the composition, rubber compounds are able to withstand thermal loads from -60 to +300 degrees C. Some rubber compounds may be used in the food industry, as they are non-toxic and does interact with chemicals.

We are offering rubber compounds

made in accordance with TU 2512-046-00152081-2003


Group of rubber compound


Ciphers of rubber compound




The oil-petrol-resistant rubber 7-В-14 и её модификации,
НО-68 и её модификации,
ИРП -1353, 3825, 3826,
и многие другие*.

Rubber composition for production of different RTI, working with oils and fuels

Special-purpose rubber
4Э1386, 6э70, ИРП-1068,
ПР 09-110, 15ри15, и многие другие*.

Rubber mixture for the manufacture of technical rubber products, working under different conditions

Coating rubber 2477, 2940, 2813
и многие другие*.
Rubber compounds for the manufacture of rubber goods, working in different environments
Rubber Hobs 637, 639 и другие*. -
tread 4424, 4310, 4979
и многие другие*.
Jetting 86, 79

Manufacture of glues

hot vulcanization

* - If in the table you can not find the necessary rubber product call us or send a fax to

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We will try to help you and solve the problem.

Price of  rubber composition may vary considerably depending on the type of rubber , such as rubber used , the degree of fullness of the other ingredients. In the production of rubber compounds are quality controlled using modern equipment . Stages of control include: 100 % quality inspection of incoming raw material , the definition of all necessary physical and mechanical characteristics , the study of resistance to the effects of various parameters of aggressive media , the definition of durability of rubber with reinforcing material , the definition of brittleness temperature , etc.

контроль качества


The advantages of rubber compounds manufactured by " NPP" Sibrezinotehnika "

  • A wide range of rubber mixtures with different properties.

  • high quality raw materials , use of advanced ingredients , rubbers

  • Formulation and manufacture of rubber compounds with the characteristics specified by the customer.

  • Discounts for volume .

  • Execution of orders of a mixture jointly with other rubber goods.

  • Short delivery time .

  • Packaging without anti-blocking agents in the polyethylene film and bags, which ensures

  • high quality products for further processing .

  • Test of rubber compounds to meet specifications on request.

  • Quality control is performed in an accredited I GOSTstandartom laboratory.

  • Rubber compounds are of high quality .

Резиновые смеси