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Pneumatic roller-air-bags

Pneumatic roller-air-bags to the launching and lifting of vessels


Pneumatic roller-air-bags for transportation, launching and lifting of vessels from water bodies, during repair, painting and inspection.

Pneumatic roller-air-bags are used for:

  • lifting vessel welding for urgent or emergency work;
  • move vessel from the shore, in connection with the departure of water;
  • scheduled inspection of vessels;
  • moving the vessel to winter quarters;
  • moving large objects on land;
  • recovery of sunken vehicles;
  • raising ships and other equipment from the bottom;
  • lifting and moving offshore drilling stations;
  • giving the buoyancy construction.

The design and manufacturing technology of the bags are patented.

Roller-air-bags are produced according to TU 2549-012-23770232-2015.

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Models and characteristics

The pneumatic bag consists of a rubber-cord shell with tapered ends. Pneumatic bag has two threaded bushings on the tapered ends, one of them is connected to the pressure control unit and the valve for the compressed air, another end is equipped with eyebolt  to drag the bag during the operation.

The power reinforcing frame made of high-strength cord fabric provides even load distribution along the entire length of the roller bag and a significant margin of safety. The outer layer, made of wear-resistant rubber, protects the bag roller from abrasion and other external influences in harsh operating conditions.

An example of a general view of the pneumatic roller-bag (PRB).

Main technical parameters of pneumatic bags

Diameter roller-bag
from 800 to 2000 mm
Length of cylindrical part
from 3 to 18 m
Maximum working pressure
from 0,5 to 3,0 kgf/cm2
Maximum load capacity
to 400 ton
Count of cord layers
from 3 to 8 pcs
Working temperature range
from -10 to +60 °С
Technical parameters of the pneumatic roller-air-bag may vary depending on the requirements of the consumer.

Application area

Shipbuilding, Ship Repair, Industry.


The use of technology for launching and lifting ships on pneumatic air bags does not require large equipment costs, saves time and investment on the construction and repair of launching pads (slips).

For launching and lifting vessels on pneumatic bags it is necessary to create a plain sloping area, which can be made of coarse sand, fine gravel, cement, metal, wood and other materials. The area should have a slope towards the water and continue into the water to some depth. The slope of the surface depends on the dock weight of the vessels.

Special attention should be paid to cleaning the surfaces of the slip from foreign objects (metal, broken glass, nails and sharp objects etc.) that can damage the membrane bags.

Deflated bags are placed under the hull and inflated with compressed air. The distance between the bags is calculated depending on the dock weight, length and width of the vessel, but not more than 6 meters between their axes. To install the bag it is necessary to have space under the hull of the vessel - not less than 25 cm in height and width not less than half of the circumference of the bag.

Lowering or lifting is made on the bags as a kind of rollers. In case, the lowering can be uncontrolled and controlled. In the latter case, the lowering speed is controlled by a traction mechanism located in the head of the slip.

Pneumatic roller-bags during lowering or lifting change working height and have a high floating that the descent gives extra righting moment, gives buoyancy to the ship from the very beginning of launching and eliminates the overturning of the ship.

Flexibility of the pneumatic bag shell reduces the risk of damage to the hull and slip tracks during the descent. The required lifting height on the slipway is regulated by increasing or decreasing the pressure in the bags.

With correct operation, pneumatic bags are flexible, portable and reliable. The technology of launching and lifting vessels using pneumatic bags is an economical alternative to complex and expensive launching devices.

Selection of roller-bags

Input data for the selection:

1. Length of the hull.

2. Width of the hull.

3. Dock weight ship.

4. Installation height on keel blocks.

On the basis of these data the necessary quantity, diameter, layers of a roller bag are calculated.

When choosing bags, you should be guided by the data from the tables:

TABLE 1. Load capacity (carrying capacity) of the bags

TABLE 2. Weight of the bags

TABLE 3. Dependence of the maximum working pressure on the count of layers and diameter of the bag

TABLE 4. Volume of the bags


The pneumatic valves
Pneumatic distributor

The roller-bags are complete with control units, which consist of a pressure gauge, a crane and an ringbolt to move the bag during operation

In coordination with the customer can be equipped with additional control units, additional gauges, ringbolts, hooks, slings, pneumococal and all necessary valves


High strength, reliability and durability of products.

Saves time and investment on construction and repair of launching platforms.

Does not require large equipment costs.

Possibility of carrying out works on lowering or lifting of vessels on any comfortable location of the coast.

High mobility.

Ease to use.

Does not pollute nature.

Work at temperatures from -10 °C to +50°C

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  • Manufactured according by TU 2549-012-23770232-2015.
  • Warranty period — 12 months.
  • Guaranteed shelf life — 3 years.


Delivery of production is carried out to any point of Russia, the near and far abroad, the following transport companies: "zheldorekspeditsiya", "Autotrading", "Sherl TK", "RATEK", "Energy", "Business Lines".

Shipment of production is made after receipt of an advance payment in the following terms:

  • road transport — 3 workday;
  • air transport — 3 workday;
  • railway baggage — 3 workday;
  • railway container — 7 workday;

If customs clearance is necessary, the shipment period is increased by 2-3 working days.

Diplomas, certificates, acknowledgements

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